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Join us today to bring Taymount Wood and Five Mile Wood into community ownership

Monthly Community Update for December 2020

West Stormont was the name used in medieval times to cover the parishes of Auchtergaven, Kinclaven, Logiealmond, Moneydie, Redgorton (Stanley) and the Murthly portion of Little Dunkeld. West Stormont has been chosen as the most suitably inclusive title for the many communities connected to Taymount and Five Mile Woods today. Working with local people to bring Taymount Wood and Five Mile Wood into Community Ownership
West Stormont Woodland Group

What has WSWG been doing this month?

  • How does Margaret Lear keep producing these incredibly evocative blogs for us? November’s peacefulsaunter with her through Taymount Wood as autumn moves into winter was aptly named Last LeavesFalling” and felt just like “Stress Levels Falling” as you read it!
  • Woodland walks with Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust, discussing the many ways we couldwork together once our community owns the woods. The River Tay Way looks like coming our way too!
  • Forestry consultant, Donald McPhillimy, was appointed to produce the WSWG Feasibility Studyfor our community owning and managing Taymount and Five Mile Woods.
  • Valuations jointly commissioned by WSWG and Forestry and Land Scotland are in from Galbraith: Taymount Wood: £1.4 million; Five Mile Wood £1.0 million. Equating to just £450 invested for each person in our WSWG area (population 5,670), the CATS scheme should enable us to discount these figures based on the far-reaching community benefits being included in the WSWG proposal. Let’s do this!
  • Working to bring together a shadow board to help WSWG move towards legal status to own the woods.
  • Organising the production of a new, professionally-designed WSWG website which will also beour main platform for presenting our proposed woodland plans for community consultation in early 2021.
  • We’ve also been investigating how WSWG might fit into the big new local initiative for Perth to becomethe Most Sustainable Small City in Europe in future. Starting now!
  • And those lovely painted slates in Five Mile Wood?? Nice one, Active Kids! Thank you.

WSWG Word of the Month – Mast year

Trees and shrubs each have their own ways of reproducing, such as acorns, hazelnuts, conkers, seedpods, winged seeds, cones and berries. A collective word for this seed or nut crop is “mast”, from the Scandinavian word “mat”, meaning food. Every few years, particular species will produce a bumper crop and when this happens, we call it a mast year. 2020 is looking like a mast year for acorns, the seed of oak trees.

What’s coming up next?

• WSWG would like to take advantage of the 2020 MAST YEAR FOR OAKS and help nature along by gathering acorns from where they are plentiful and planting them in Taymount and Five Mile Woods where they are not present in good numbers but would be a valuable addition to the woods. WSWG is starting to make plans for this to be a covid-safe community activity and hopes to organise something for the Christmas holidays. Watch this space and please let us know if you would like to join in so we can get in touch!

• CHRISTMAS ….. have a merry one and let’s hope 2021 is a great year for us all and our woods.

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Community Monthly Update – November 2023

We are really thrilled to let you know that Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) has approved WSWG’s Revised Wildwood Proposal and Business Plan for Taymount Wood. This is the first big goal achieved in our Community Asset Transfer Process to bring Taymount and Five Mile Woods into community ownership!

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Community Monthly Update – October 2023

A highlight for the WSWG Project this month has been the timely teaming up of a group of employees from Aviva in Perth with some unexpectedly lovely autumn weather for a day of corporate volunteering. On 2 October, five enthusiastic Aviva colleagues spent the day with WSWG in the middle of Taymount Wood on a range of interesting and very useful tasks, quite a contrast to their usual office based working environment.

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Community Monthly Update – September 2023

Given the distinctly seasonal change in the weather of late, we thought we would bring our Word of the Month up to the top of our September update. Psithurism: (Noun) The sound of wind in the trees and rustling of leaves, from “psithuros”, the Greek word for whispering. Enjoy your woods this autumn!

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Community Monthly Update – August 2023

This month we really want to share with you a wonderful event we had – the joint woodland picnic on 22 July with Tayside Woodland Partnerships (TWP). We pitched our gazebos in a lovely grassy glade in Taymount Wood and set out a delicious picnic spread courtesy of Alison’s Kitchen in Blairgowrie – quiches, sausage rolls and cakes galore – on portable tables kindly lent to us by Stanley Village Hall. More food and home-baking was brought by the picnickers themselves. Despite weather forecasts to the contrary, it was a beautiful day with not a drop of rain or drizzle. After lots of great chat and good food, we heard a little about each of our organisations’ respective projects and then took a walk up the main track to King’s Myre Loch.

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Community Monthly Update – July 2023

First up this month is for us to say a big thank you to a lovely group of young people from Ochil Tower School in Auchterarder who had come on a mini-bus trip to visit Taymount Wood on 21 June … and just did a litter-pick whilst they were there!! What a great example of being good citizens – enjoying the environment and taking care of it together.

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Community Monthly Update – June 2023

We want to start with a big thank you to all WSWG volunteers who helped in the Wildflower and Mining Bee Rescue Mission this spring. Many times more wildflowers have come through along the various stretches of raked verge than would have been the case had they remained swamped by gorse mulch and, as seen in the photo here, mining bees have successfully emerged where the track surfaces were cleared to help them out too. And of course the cleared sections of track make for more comfortable going again for walkers and dogs. Lots more areas still need attention, and we will keep doing what we can when we can, but thank you again to everyone who helped make a difference for nature this spring.

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