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Community Monthly Update – May 2023

This month has truly shown us the wide and widening reach and appeal of the WSWG Project to bring Taymount and Five Mile Woods into community ownership. We have carried out volunteer action for nature and walkers in both woods, engaged with the Highland and Strathtay Stronger Communities Network, participated in an Earth Day event staged by Perth and Kinross Council’s Climate Change and Sustainable Development Team, hosted a student visit from SRUC Edinburgh and Aberdeen and received a further annual donation from the Community Fund of a local community hydro scheme. Read on to find out a bit more about these and other WSWG activities of late.

SRUC Student field trip to Taymount Wood, 9 May 2023

What has WSWG been doing this month?

Wildflower and Mining Bee Rescue Mission latest: Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 April saw our 7th and 8th raking sessions to clear gorse debris from the delicate trackside habitats as part of this valuable action for biodiversity in our woods. We estimate that so far, give or take a rest or two, around 160 hours of raking by 17 brilliant WSWG volunteers has rescued about 900m of track and verge, both sides, in Taymount Wood (about 30% of our target area) and 300m of track and verge, both sides, in Five Mile Wood (about 10% of our target area). As well as benefiting vulnerable flora and fauna, removing the large gorse debris from the path surfaces has also made walking a great deal more comfortable for people and dogs. In addition, many small pools have been raked out in the ditches to recover open water for the benefit of breeding amphibians and other wildlife. We’ve made a great start but this rescue mission will be ongoing so that we can do as much as we can over time. There is still time to save more wildflower habitat this spring, so if you would like to help, please come along to Taymount Wood this weekend – see below for more information*.    

On Saturday 22 April, WSWG participated in the Earth Day Market organised at Perth Civic Hall by Perth and Kinross Climate Action. It was a great day with lots of community groups, environmental organisations and eco-conscious businesses showcasing their activities and many members of the public coming along to find out about and express their support for the huge and concerted effort going into climate action in our area.

WSWG Stall at the Perth Earth Day Market on 22 April

WSWG attended its first meeting of the Highland and Strathtay Stronger Communities Network to strengthen existing relationships and establish new links for future partnership working, particularly in the Healthy Living, Life-Long Learning and Creativity and Culture themes of the WSWG Window on the Woods Vision.

On 9 May, WSWG hosted a site visit by around 30 students from SRUC Edinburgh and Aberdeen who are undertaking honours programmes in Wildlife and Conservation Management, Environmental Management or Rural Business Management. As part of a field trip to Perthshire for their “Multi-Purpose Woodland Management” module, we were able to tell them about our vision and plans for the woods and about the challenges and opportunities of the CATS process to bring our woods into community ownership. What this visit and other recent networking has flagged up is real scope for significant future partnership working with the academic sector and we look forward to developing this under the Life-Long Learning, Forestry and Ecology and potentially other themes in the WSWG Vision.

Many thanks indeed to the Highland Community Energy Society for a further annual donation to the WSWG Project from its Littleton Burn Hydro Project, near Dalguise. The contribution their regular donations have made to the development phase of the WSWG Project has been extremely helpful and very much appreciated indeed.

And finally, the Barefoot Woodland Wanderer’s Blog brought us another lovely seasonal story – “Song of the Fox”. If you missed it, here is the link again.

Word of the Month

Earth Day: An annual celebration at the spring equinox, usually 22 April, that honours the achievements of the global environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for future generations. Its 10 core issues are: Advocacy; Climate Change; Conservation & Biology; Education; Energy; Food & Agriculture; Green Economy; Green Schools; Recycling & Waste Reduction; Sustainable Development. Source: www.earthday.org

What’s coming up next?

*WSWG “Woodland Pick and Mix” Event at Taymount Wood from 10.30am–3pm on Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 May. Come along and choose which activity you’d like to help with: “Protect a Wild Tree” – tubing broadleaf tree seedlings and saplings to protect from deer; “Little Acorns” – planting out oak saplings grown from local acorns by WSWG volunteers; “C406 Verges for Wildflowers not Litter” – planting wildflower plugs; “Wildflower and Mining Bee Rescue Mission” – raking gorse mulch to expose wildflower seedlings and clear tracks for walkers. We’ll meet any early birds at 10.30am in the Taymount Wood car park, but if you’re coming later, just walk up the main track until you find us. We won’t be far away and you’ll be very welcome. Dress for the weather, wear sturdy footwear and protective gloves and bring some refreshments to keep you going. We have a small stock of tools which you can use but if you prefer to use your own, please bring useful tools such as grass rakes, garden spades or lump hammers for knocking in tree stakes.

WSWG is participating in the Stanley Community Action Plan process and will have a stall at the Open Days on 9 and 10 June where we will promote the plans for Taymount and Five Mile Woods under community ownership both in itself and in the wider landscape-scale context of West Stormont Connect. Tayside Biodiversity Partnership will also have a stall promoting the idea of Stanley as a “Biodiversity Village” to join the growing list of local towns and villages choosing to go down that inspirational route, such as Blairgowrie, Guildtown and Invergowrie. The Stanley Swift Project will also feature on the day. Save the dates and come along to learn about and vote for what actions our community should be taking for a thriving and sustainable future.



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We are really thrilled to let you know that Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) has approved WSWG’s Revised Wildwood Proposal and Business Plan for Taymount Wood. This is the first big goal achieved in our Community Asset Transfer Process to bring Taymount and Five Mile Woods into community ownership!

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Community Monthly Update – October 2023

A highlight for the WSWG Project this month has been the timely teaming up of a group of employees from Aviva in Perth with some unexpectedly lovely autumn weather for a day of corporate volunteering. On 2 October, five enthusiastic Aviva colleagues spent the day with WSWG in the middle of Taymount Wood on a range of interesting and very useful tasks, quite a contrast to their usual office based working environment.

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Community Monthly Update – September 2023

Given the distinctly seasonal change in the weather of late, we thought we would bring our Word of the Month up to the top of our September update. Psithurism: (Noun) The sound of wind in the trees and rustling of leaves, from “psithuros”, the Greek word for whispering. Enjoy your woods this autumn!

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Community Monthly Update – August 2023

This month we really want to share with you a wonderful event we had – the joint woodland picnic on 22 July with Tayside Woodland Partnerships (TWP). We pitched our gazebos in a lovely grassy glade in Taymount Wood and set out a delicious picnic spread courtesy of Alison’s Kitchen in Blairgowrie – quiches, sausage rolls and cakes galore – on portable tables kindly lent to us by Stanley Village Hall. More food and home-baking was brought by the picnickers themselves. Despite weather forecasts to the contrary, it was a beautiful day with not a drop of rain or drizzle. After lots of great chat and good food, we heard a little about each of our organisations’ respective projects and then took a walk up the main track to King’s Myre Loch.

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Community Monthly Update – July 2023

First up this month is for us to say a big thank you to a lovely group of young people from Ochil Tower School in Auchterarder who had come on a mini-bus trip to visit Taymount Wood on 21 June … and just did a litter-pick whilst they were there!! What a great example of being good citizens – enjoying the environment and taking care of it together.

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Community Monthly Update – June 2023

We want to start with a big thank you to all WSWG volunteers who helped in the Wildflower and Mining Bee Rescue Mission this spring. Many times more wildflowers have come through along the various stretches of raked verge than would have been the case had they remained swamped by gorse mulch and, as seen in the photo here, mining bees have successfully emerged where the track surfaces were cleared to help them out too. And of course the cleared sections of track make for more comfortable going again for walkers and dogs. Lots more areas still need attention, and we will keep doing what we can when we can, but thank you again to everyone who helped make a difference for nature this spring.

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